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Snowy Uptown Denison

Let it snow?

Welcome to winter in Denison! Sometimes, Mother Nature not only dumps snow on us but also gives us blizzard-strength winds to spread that snow everywhere. Here are a few things you should know now at the beginning of the snow season.

Snow Removal

As storms approach, many of our citizens stay inside safe and warm in our houses. Our public works employees are sometimes out as early as 3:00 a.m. pushing snow off the streets to make our drives to work a little bit easier. With ongoing snowfall, this is a never-ending task. Here are a few tips to help manage snow removal and things to remember:

  • To help our public works employees clear the snow, citizens can do their best to keep vehicles off the streets during this time. When cars are parked on streets, snowplows must go around them and the street never really gets completely cleared. When vehicles aren’t parked on the streets, they can get cleared more quickly and easily.
  • Police Officers and Public Works Officials can impound any vehicle parked, abandoned, or left unattended in any public street, right of way, or parking lot that they determine hampers snow removal efforts. The owner of the impounded vehicle shall be responsible for paying the costs of towing and storing the vehicle.
  • Please do not park in the snow removal zones uptown when snow is being cleared. Reminders of snow removal are placed on red signs at uptown intersections letting citizens know when snow removal will take place.
  • Stay home during heavy snowfall when you can. The less vehicles on the street, the fewer complications for snow removal.
  • Unfortunately, public works employees can not clear out the entrance to everyone’s driveways. The best chance for a smaller amount of snow at the edge of your driveway is to keep vehicles off the street so plows do not have to go around them.
  • Clearing the main streets and avenues is the biggest priority at this point. As the snow clears and time permits, side streets and alleys are also cleared. However, if an emergency situation arises, a path can be cleared when necessary.
  • Sometimes after a small snowfall, a small amount of snow will be left in the middle of the street to melt away. To be able to remove this snow would require overtime, so letting warmer weather take care of it helps the city’s budget.
  • Please do not try to pass a snowplow, or cross in front of them when they are driving. They require a lot of stopping distance and we don’t want any accidents.


Property owners are responsible for removing snow, ice, and accumulations from sidewalks next to their property. (Code of Ordinances, Chapter 136.03) This includes residential and commercial properties.

Residents have 48 hours after the last snowfall to clear their sidewalks; after that time, the city will issue a warning. Residents will only get one warning each year. If the city then clears the sidewalk, property owners will be charged a minimum of $225 per occurrence ($50 administrative fee, $100 equipment fee, $75 per hour with a minimum of 1 hour). It’s much easier just to clear off your sidewalk early.

When clearing your property, do not put any ice or snow onto the traveled way of a street or alley so as to obstruct gutters, or impede the passage of vehicles upon the street or alley or to create a hazardous condition.

If moving snow onto an alley or street temporarily while clearing large commercial drives in the business district, that accumulation needs to be removed promptly. Arrangements should be made prior to moving the snow by speaking to the public works department.

Solid Waste Pickup and Recycling

If during an impending snowstorm, Carroll Refuse determines that pickup cannot take place, the City will alert the media, post the announcement on our website, and post it on our Facebook page. Do not place recycling at the curbside when it is snowing.


Snowmobiles shall be operated only upon streets which have not been plowed during the snow season after a measurable snow cover and in conformity with the following rules. (Chapter 75.04, Code of Ordinances) Registered snowmobiles are to be used to travel from one point to another only, except for the following restricted streets: all primary highways within the City, Main Street from 4th Avenue South to 2nd Avenue North, and Broadway from 11th Street to 16th Street. Exceptions on prohibited streets include emergencies or a direct crossing (90 degrees) by coming to a complete stop and yielding right-of-way to all traffic. Please refer to the Code of Ordinances for more regulations and rules.

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