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Here is my note to address RUMORS OF THE DAY:

I hear we are shutting down the country and there will be a national quarantine which will be implemented by the National Guard.  Thanks to everyone who has shared this text message with us.  We have received this text from multiple people and the language is exactly the same.  Apparently everyone has a friend who works at DHS and friends at the NG who confirm.  I spoke with the TAG this morning.  He has received NO orders to activate the National Guard for a national mission to quarantine.  This is NOT TRUE!

Rumors of PPE shortages.  We are continually working with IDPH and state agencies as well as local partners to identify the need for medical supplies and PPE.  The Dept of Administrative Services is in the SEOC actively purchasing 100’s of 1,000’s of supplies and PPE.  IDPH is working with the SNS supply they have received and through all sources, we are actively working to do our best to minimize any shortages that may occur.  However, as you’re all aware, this is a worldwide event and the demand is high.  

Please continue to tamp down rumors and encourage people to get information from credible sources –; Centers for Disease Control website and the World Health Organization website.  

Thank you.  We will do our best address and dispel rumors as we can.  

V. Joyce Flinn
Director and Homeland Security Advisor
Iowa Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management

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