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City reminds homeowners to maintain lawns this summer

The lawns are starting to green up in Denison. The time to start mowing will be soon here!

The City would like to remind homeowners of Denison’s city code regarding lawns. Each property will receive only one warning, either posted on their front or back door, to notify them of any violations. Residents cannot put clippings in city streets, and must maintain their lawn, weeds, and brush. They have 48 hours after notification to take care of the violation.

If a resident fails to maintain their lawns at any time during the summer after the first warning, the city will order the property to be mowed and the homeowner will be billed for the work.

According to Chapter 57 of the Denson, Iowa, Code of Ordinances, the area to be maintained includes the owner’s property up to the curb line or outer boundary of any street, including the parking area abutting the owner’s property. Every property within the City of Denison, occupied and vacant, is required to be mowed any time the grass, weeds and brush reaches a height where it can become a habitat for vermin, or a health, safety or fire hazard. Grass, weeds, brush or other plants shall be maintained at or below the following height specification:

  • Developed Residential: not to exceed six inches (6″).
  • Undeveloped Residential Areas: not to exceed eight inches (8″).
  • Business and Industrial Areas: not to exceed six inches (6″).
  • Agricultural Areas: not to exceed twelve inches (12″).

Items put on street

Also, please remember that no one can throw or deposit on any street or alley any glass, glass bottle, nails, tacks, wire, cans, trash, garbage, rubbish, litter, offal, leaves, grass or any other debris likely to be washed into the storm sewer and clog the storm sewer, or any substance likely to injure any person, animal or vehicle. This includes grass clippings, so please sweep up any clippings that are blown onto the street while the lawn is mowed.


City of Denison mowing fees for cutting, mowing and maintaining all grass, weeds and brush are as follows: administrative fee, $50.00; equipment fee, $100; and labor for mowing, $75 per hour. For junk removed from the property, the cost of disposal is also added. If these fees are not paid within thirty (30) days, the fee will be collected from the property owner in the same manner as general property taxes.

Residents with questions can call refer to the Denison, Iowa Code of Ordinances, or call Denison City Hall at 712-263-3143.