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Code Enforcement Department

 The Code Enforcer is responsible for evaluating private properties and public grounds against local codes, answering citizen questions about the codes, and issuing citations for code violations. 

The Code Enforcer works to maintain an attractive, safe community, which helps improve both property values and the quality of life of those in the community. Some code violations include unsightly lawns with long grass or weeds, trees that need to be trimmed, junk and unregistered vehicles, appliances and other junk in yards, items in the City’s right of way, excess signage, nuisance animals, and illegal parking.

If you have questions regarding ordinances pertaining to Code Enforcement, please contact the Code Enforcement department at City Hall, 712-263-3143. 

*List was last updated 6/19/2020 at 3 p.m.

Colby Ellis

Code Enforcement Official