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Planning and Zoning Commission

About the Commission

The Planning and Zoning Commission establishes and recommends zoning regulations, recommends improvements to city properties and parks, and reviews and comments on plats in City of Denison as set forth in Chapter 23 of the City of Denison Code of Ordinances. The board is comprised of seven members having 5 year terms. Members are recommended by the mayor and approved by city council. Commission members are listed below.


Mike Wight
Phil Nichols
Mike Schrum
Evan Blakley
Doug Dorhout
Gary Reisz
Sara Klatt


First Appointed
October 2019
May 2008
August 20219
Dec 2008
June 2006
February 2010
January 2021


Term Ends
August 2024
August 2022
August 2022
August 2026
August 2026
August 2024
August 2023


Last Thursday of the month
Council Chambers
5:00 pm


City of Denison Zoning

To download a PDF of the Denison, Iowa, Zoning map, click here: Denison Iowa Zoning Map.