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Please scoop your sidewalks

Information from the City’s snow removal policy … for more information click on the link below.

13. What are my responsibilities as a citizen of Denison?

A. The main responsibility of residents of the City of Denison is to get informed and stay informed. Information will be posted on the city website and Facebook page. Citizens who would like to talk with the city staff can stop by or call City Hall with concerns or questions. They are always happy to assist with citizens concerns.

B. What should I do if I have a fire hydrant on my property? If a citizen has a fire hydrant in on their property at no time can the hydrant be buried with snow or have snow within a 3-foot circle of the hydrant. The snow must be removed and kept below all hydrant caps within 24 hours from the end of the snow event. The adjacent property owner’s responsibility is to ensure the fire hydrant is cleared from snow and available in the event of a fire emergency.

C. How long does a resident have to clear the sidewalk on their property? Sidewalks shall be cleared within 24 hours after the end of the snow event. After 24 hours, a written notice is given to the resident, or if no resident is available the notice will be hung in plain sight on the front door. If another 24 hours passes and the sidewalk is not cleared, the Code Enforcement staff will take a picture and plan to have the sidewalk cleared with the appropriate fee billed to the owner of the property.

D. How many notices will I get? Each address in violation will receive one (1) written notice per season. If an address has received one (1) notice during a snow season, the Code Enforcement staff can proceed with plans to have the sidewalk cleared if it is not cleared within 24 hours after the end of a snow event, with the appropriate fee billed to the owner of the property.

E. When can a resident place snow in the city street? Never, if resident places snow back into the street this will be a chargeable municipal code violation, which if convicted or plead guilty, to has a significant fine.

F. I’ve seen people driving over the windrows and snow piles before they’re picked up. Is that legal? Residents at no time are permitted to deliberately break apart windrows or snow piles. If a resident is
observed performing such actions, the Denison Police Department will be notified, and a ticket may be issued.

Snow Removal Policy for the City of Denison

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