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Residential Services


The communities of Crawford County offer its residents a low crime rate and a rich tradition of community involvement providing a great place to live and raise a family. Housing in the county includes a variety of options, from single family homes to apartments. The median home value in Denison is between $57,000 and $60,000. The median monthly rental is $300. Many new multi and single family dwellings and developments are under construction currently. Contact the realtors listed below for more information on available homes, condos, apartments, and lots.

Housing Incentives – Urban Revitalization Plan
For more information on the following programs contact the Building Inspector at Denison City Hall, (712) 263-3143.

City of Denison Tax Abatement Program
Residential Property is for three years at the level of 100% of the first $75,000 of the value added by an improvements. Commercial property is either (1) 1st year 75% – 2nd Year 60% – 3rd year 45% – 4th year 30% – 5th year 15% or (2) 100% of the actual value added by improvements for three years.

Denison Municipal Utilities New Housing Assistance Program
Any and all fees, charges, aids in construction payments will be discounted 90 percent off the normal amount DMU would collect from the builder/developer on new home or apartment complex construction. Restrictions apply. In no case shall the amount of the discount exceed $3,500 per home or apartment complex (not individual apartments).

Down Payment Assistance
If you are any of the following: ● A first time homebuyer or have not owned a home within the past 3 years, ● A Veteran, ● A Single Parent, or an individual who (1) is unmarried or legally separated from a spouse and (2) is pregnant or has one or more children for whom the individual has custody or joint custody, or ● A Displaced Homemaker -an individual who is (a) an adult (b) has not worked full-time in the labor force for a number of years but has, during such years, worked primarily without remuneration to care for the home and family; and (c) is unemployed or underemployed and is experiencing difficulty in obtaining or upgrading employment — and you meet the income guidelines listed on the flyer below, you may be eligible for assistance purchasing a home within Denison city limits. Both existing and new construction homes are eligible. Assistance will be in the form of a 5 or 10 year forgivable loan.

2022 Denison DPA Program


Some of the rental places and property owners are listed below. The Chamber and Development Council of Crawford County maintains a list of available rentals. They can be reached at 712-263-5621.

Dan Ahart Apartments
(712) 263-9320

Denison Park Apartments
1610 6th Avenue North
(712) 263-6210

East End Apartments
(712) 267-3430

Hillside Ltd.
1209 North 26th Street
(712) 263-6704

Hilldale Estates
(712) 267-8175
(217) 243-4942

Kingston Apartments
(712) 263-4386

Kuehnhold Apartments
232 Avenue C
(712) 263-2561

McCord Apartments
(712) 263-4694

Oakwood Manor Active Senior Apartments
311 North 12th Street
(712) 263-5555

Park West Apartments
1210 North 26th Street
(712) 263-3435

Realife Cooperative of Denison
214 South 20th Street
(712) 263-8169

Richard Petersen Apartments
(712) 263-2651

Heritage Heights
118 South 20th Street
(712) 263-6631


Thams – Bilsten Realty Better Homes and Gardens
1209 Broadway
(712) 263-3840

Neppl Real Estate
27 South Main, Suite 210
(712) 263-HOME (4663)

A-1 Real Estate Services, LLC
1604 3rd Avenue South
(712) 263-8480

Denison Realty
1312 Broadway
(712) 263-2794

McCord Insurance & Real Estate
1229 Broadway
(712) 263-4694

Solid Waste Removal and Recycling

Solid waste and recycling are picked up from residential locations on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the City of Denison. Residents can choose from three bin sizes: 35 gallon, 65 gallon, and 96 gallon. Solid Waste collection is billed through your DMU Utility bill each month. To make changes to the size of your bin, or to ask for a replacement if it breaks, please contact City Hall at 712-263-3143.

Non-residential locations need to set up their own solid waste removal with one of the licensed haulers in Denison. Please click on the following link for a list of licensed haulers: 2021-2022 Licensed Solid Waste Haulers

The City of Denison has a mandatory recycling program. Recycling containers are available at City Hall for $15 each. For more information regarding recycling, click here to go to the Crawford County Recycling website. Click on the links below to download recycling information.

Recycling Information – English                         Recycling Information – Spanish

Pet Licenses

All dogs and cats within the city limits of Denison must be registered yearly. Proof of rabies vaccine is required. The fee is $15 for animals that are spayed or neutered and $30 for animals that are not spayed or neutered. A $15.00 delinquent fee per month per license will be charged for owners who do not renew their license by January 31.

Contact the City Hall at 712-263-3143 for more information.