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City of Denison launches online portal for citizen engagement

Residents in the City of Denison can now complete and pay for many registrations and permits online, and much more. To continue providing superior customer service and added convenience to citizens, the City of Denison has launched FrontDesk, an online tool that allows customers to interact with City departments online. With FrontDesk, citizens can submit forms, make online payments, make citizen requests, and view the latest agenda, minutes, and notices.

“We are excited to be able to offer this convenience to our citizens,” said Jodie Flaherty, City Clerk. “We have been working to make City Hall more accessible, and this will be a valuable and convenient tool for both us and our citizens.”

Below are just a few of the things you can submit and pay for online with FrontDesk.

  • Building Permits: general building, roof, sign, fence, demo, sidewalks, driveways, adjustment applications, plumbing, mechanical, and more.
  • Business Permits, Licenses, and Registrations: dog and cat licenses, yearly contractor licenses, mobile food unit permits, temporary sales permits, and rental property registrations.
  • Other: temporary special event permit

The procedure is relatively simple. People can submit an application for a permit along with any additional documentation. The appropriate City personnel will review the documentation, and if approved, citizens can then pay the appropriate fee online.

In addition, people will be able to submit “311” citizen requests and complaints for Code Enforcement, Parks & Rec, Public Works, garbage collection, and more. These can be entered at any time of day, and people can upload a photo of the request when appropriate.

Citizens who wish to do business with the City can create an account to interact on FrontDesk. A link to the portal is on the City’s website, or citizens can go directly to the site at Citizens can click on “Create Now” to set up an account to use this convenient tool. An online step-by-step instructions are easily accessible to assist in setting up an account. Just click on “FrontDesk Account Creation Instructions” found under the “Create Now” link.

FrontDesk is mobile-friendly and can be accessed anywhere on any device with an internet connection. Citizens who work with the City of Denison can now join the more than 55,000 residents who are already experiencing the added convenience of FrontDesk across the Midwest, with more than 50,000 transactions have already been completed online!

Citizens who wish to do business with the City can create an account to interact on FrontDesk by clicking on the “Create Now” link found at the bottom of the log in module. A link for the easy step-by-step tutorial, FrontDesk Account Creation Instructions” is under the account creation link. Graphic submitted

For more information, please contact the City of Denison at 712-263-3143.

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