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Airport Zoning Commission

About the Commission

The Airport Zoning Commission regulates the zoning found in Chapter 30 of the Denison, Iowa Code of Ordinances. The board is comprised of five members having terms of office of six years as follows: two of whom shall be selected by the Board of Supervisors of the County, and two of whom shall be selected by the Council; one additional member to act as Chairperson shall be selected by a majority vote of the selected members. Commission members are listed below.


Name                                           Term Ends                                     First Apppointed                                         
Dale Wight                                   December 2021                          February 2001
Paul Assman                                December 2021                          January 2001
Nathan Mahrt                              December 2021                         January 2015
Duane Zenk                                 December 2021                          January 2001


Meets as needed


Citizens of Denison interested in serving on this commission can fill out the following application and submit it to Denison City Hall: City Board Service Application.


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