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Request for Bids / Quotes
for the City of Denison, Iowa

Below is condensed information on current and ongoing requests for bids and quotes for the City of Denison, Iowa. Anyone with questions can contact Denison City Hall at 712-263-3143. If the full notices is not linked below, to have the full notice and information sent to you, please call city hall or email the request to

    Additional Construction Work

    The City of Denison, Iowa is hereby soliciting bids for separate work packages necessary for completion of the modular home to be located at 1110 3rd Avenue North. Delivery of the home is approximately April/May, 2023. All concrete work must be complete no later than March 1, 2023.

    The package description document with drawings is linked below. The individual package descriptions are listed below that. Please call City Hall for answers to questions.


    1. Coordinate with owner to set unit elevations.
    2. Excavate for basement and provide backfill of walls necessary for rough grade. Existing and proposed
      elevations are provided on the Site Plan.


    1. Coordinate with owner and Mechanical Contractor for installation of plumbing rough-ins and sump pump.
    2. Basement walls will consist of 8″ x 9′-0″ poured concrete (4,000 psi) on an 8″ x 16″ footing (3,500 psi) per
      plan with form style drainage included. Reinforcing designed by contractor. Provide and install steel ties per
      attached product data sheet. Include (5) interior footings shown as optional on basement plan.
    3. Install rough openings for one (2) egress window, (2) 32″ x 24″ window openings. (Rough-in size provided
      by owner) and (3) 24″ x 24″ openings for house moving beams. One each North side, West wall, casement
      windows to be provided by contractor
    4. Basement Floor: 4″ concrete (4,000 psi) over 6-mil poly (taped seams) and 2/1 foam with smooth trowel
    5. to receive exterior broom finish. Include any necessary base material/sand fill in bid.
    6. Waterproofing: Tar-based waterproofing system at all below grade basement walls.


    1. Provide and install double sill plate and anchor house to sill plate after setting. Also finish from bottom of home to sill.
    2. Provide and install egress window complete with well, cover and ladder rungs. Size indicated on plan.
    3. Basement windows. White fiberglass windows with slider operation, full screen and Energy Star Rated for the region. Provide aluminum window well at each location. Size indicated on plan.
    4. Cut floor for stair opening and framed walls: Cut existing floor truss and decking for stair opening. Provide and install header and framing in basement and first floor as shown on plan. Include R-19 batt insulation and minimum 6-mil poly, framing as shown on plan, stairs, handrail system and 42″ high stub wall on first floor. Add “C” channel for structural support at stairway opening. Install owner-supplied base at stub wall. Provide and install stained maple cap at top of stub wall in living room. Framing members’ minimum #2 & Better SPF, 2″ x 4″ @ 16″ o.c.
    5. Provide and install 1/2″ drywall taped and finished on new framed walls. Provide orange-peel texture to
      match existing wall finish. Include one coat primer and one coat satin latex paint. Provide and install maple
      wood cap at stub wall. Paint and stain provided by owner.
    6. Provide framing to infill beam pockets openings in west wall of foundation. Ice and water barrier installed
      on the garage side.
    7. Provide and install 1/4″ mahogany underlayment in kitchen, living room, coat closet, hallway, bathrooms and
      laundry closet. Underlayment to be stapled every 4″.
    8. House/Foundation connection: Provide and install metal “Z” flashing under existing siding with 1″ x 6″ and
      1″ x 2″ PVC trim boards. See detail page 4 (124 L.F.) Include lx6 PVC wrap around window openings.
    9. Provide and install 6′-0″ x 6′-0″ treated deck complete with stairs and railings at front entrance. Include
      wood “skirting” from deck floor to grade. Porch steps to be minimum 36″ wide.
    10. Provide side door treated steps completed with hand railings. Size to be same as above line item.
    11. Provide and install seamless gutter system for house/garage with downspouts and extensions.


    1. Provide and install 5′ x 3′ wood landing with stair and railing system at kitchen door.
    2. Shingles: Owens Corning Lifetime Duration: Color Driftwood
    3. Siding: Certainteed Restoration Classic D-4 .44 thickness: Color Natural Clay
    4. Provide and install seamless gutter system for house/garage with downspouts and extensions.


    1. Sump Pump: (1) new minimum :V2 HP, Class B, 120V, 20 Amp branch circuit sump pump in pit. Include
      gasketed lid, grounding, dedicated outlet (by electrician) and discharge piping to city storm.
    2. PVC drainage system: Include floor drain per plan.
    3. (2) Exterior frost-free brass hose bib located near front entrance & on back side of house.
    4. Basement Washer hook-ups: Drain, hot and cold-water hook up assembly located per plan.
    5. Provide and install necessary rough-ins for future bathroom as shown on plan.
    6. Provide and install (2) vents to existing ductwork in basement.
    7. Provide and install garbage disposal.
    8. Connect to city water/sewer mains. Connect to owner-supplied termination indicated on plan.
    9. Gas service brought to meter. Connect to owner-supplied termination indicated on plan.
    10. Install (2) owner provided toilets
    11. Provide plumbing for dishwasher


    1. 200 AMP 40 slot panel located in upstairs master bedroom. Provide connection from panel to meter.
      Service will be brought to the back ofthe house and meter set near panel location. Include installation of
      12 circuit main lug panel in basement to provide circuits for basement and garage.
    2. Provide and install electrical outlets, dedicated outlet for sump pump, electric dryer outlet, lighting and
      smoke detector as required by code in basement. Include light fixture located at bottom of stairs with new
      3-way switch located on stairway wall. Wire from switch by kitchen door is located in floor trusses.
    3. Provide and install grounding system for the house.
    4. Add stairway tread lighting on steps leading to basement
    5. Provide wiring and outlet for Dishwasher
    6. Provide wiring and outlet for above the range microwave
    7. Provide Radon abatement equipment, fan / piping needed and outlet for said fan
    8. Provide switch on kitchen counter for disposal provided in kitchen sink