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Denison Airport

Denison Municipal Airport

The Denison Municipal Airport is one of the finest general aviation facilities in West Central Iowa, capable of accommodating private and business aircraft up to the largest corporate jets. 

Located at 2587 Airport Road, it has a 5,000 foot by 75 foot runway, full Avgas and Jet Fuel facilities, three instrument approach procedures to allow landing in inclement weather, and direct radio communication facilities with the FAA Flight Service Station in Fort Dodge.

It allows fast, flexible, safe, secure, and cost–effective access to destinations across the country and around the world, opening the door to global commerce for our local communities and linking our regional businesses directly to major population centers and manufacturing facilities. 

The airport provides a courtesy car for use by pilots and businessmen so they can get to their local destinations. There is also a pilots’ lounge provided for the corporate pilots who need a place to wait for their passengers.

For more information please call (712) 263-6424.

Ryan Leed, Airport Manager

Ryan Leed

Airport Manager

Denison Municipal Airport
2582 Airport Street in Denison

Governing Bodies
Airport Commission
Airport Zoning Commission