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Denison’s Snow Removal Policy provides guidance for citizens during snow events

Residents are reminded that when we have 2” of measurable snow, the City will be placed into a snow emergency. At that time, all vehicles shall be removed from the city snow routes and parking spaces before 2:00 am the next day. Notification of Snow Emergencies will be via KDSN radio, City Hall post, the City’s Facebook page, and the three signs placed in the major intersections in the up-town area.

If you are not on a snow route, we ask that you park your car off the street if possible. During snow removal operations, you may park across a sidewalk or in the right-of-way until snow has been cleared. Our snow removal crews will not plow roads they cannot safely maneuver. Thank you for your cooperation.

Click on the document below for more clarification on our Denison’s snow removal policy.

Where to park if you’re not on a snow route

Arterial and Side streets during the Snow Emergency will also be affected. The Denison Police Department will be using the Even / Odd parking of these streets.  Citizens will be asked to park their vehicles on the even house side of the streets on even days and move them to the odd house side of the streets on odd days. This will be to ensure that City plows can make at least one pass on the entirety of each street.

Until the snow is cleared for this storm, please move your vehicle by 4 a.m. as follows:

  • Thursday, January 19: Odd side of the street (mostly south and west)
  • Friday, January 20: Even side of the street (mostly north and east)

Most people can move their vehicle to the correct side of the street the evening before after 6 pm.

If one of the sides of the streets has a “No Parking” sign, residents will be permitted to park on the side with the “No Parking” sign the day immediately following the first day of road snow removal, but not to exceed 24 hours after the first plow day.  Once the snow plowing is completed, City staff will notify you to follow the “No Parking” ordinance by the following day via KDSN Radio, Facebook, and the City’s webpage.

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