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Time to Renew Contractor Licenses

Contractors who hold a License to work within the City of Denison must fill out and sign a new Contractor License form to continue to be licensed to work in the City of Denison in 2023. Forms should be returned to Denison City Hall along with a copy of your their Certificate of Liability Insurance and the $45 annual fee.

The State of Iowa requires contractors to be registered with the Department of Labor. After contractors are registered with the Department of Labor, contractors can register with the City of Denison. That number and expiration date must be included on the form.

ALL employees who will be completing plumbing and mechanical work with the business must be listed on the form with what licenses they hold (plumbing, mechanical, HVAC, and/or hydronics), their license numbers, expiration dates, and at what license level they are (Master, Journeyman, Apprentice, or Helper).

Current permit forms can be obtained from City Hall or downloaded by clicking here. Or, click “Forms” at the top of the page, then Contractor Licenses tab on the left of the page, where the form is available for download.

Contractors must be registered and permits pulled BEFORE any work takes place. If contractors do not have an approved permit BEFORE beginning work, contractors will also be charged a $250 penalty.  In an emergency after office hours, please call City Hall and leave a message for the building inspector regarding the nature of the emergency repair or replacement that will need to take place. Contractors will then be required to pull a permit in the morning of the next business day to avoid the $250 penalty.

Please call City Hall at 712-263-3143 if you have any questions.

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